Blend & Bliss


Packaging Design for Cooking & Baking Products

Area of Work

Packaging Design

TI collaborated with Blend & Bliss to conceptualize the packaging design for their newest cooking and baking products. Combining bold typography with enticing food imagery, the packaging captures attention and promises a delightful culinary experience.

Upon a comprehensive study of existing brands offering similar products, it became evident that an innovative approach was lacking in the market. Recognizing this opportunity, we embarked on a journey to define Blend & Bliss’s packaging. To keep it standing out in a crowded marketplace, we approached the project with a fresh perspective, aiming to captivate consumers with a unique and memorable design.

We opted for a bold yet smooth typography with enticing visuals and a palette of pastel yet invigorating colors. Inviting consumers to explore the delights within. The visuals of packaging is leaving no stone unturned in our quest for perfection. With an array of options, we engaged in multiple iterations and taste printouts, refining each visual until we achieved the ideal balance of aesthetics.

The journey towards finding and crafting the perfect visual was not without its challenges, requiring numerous back-and-forth discussions and revisions to ensure alignment with the packaging’s appearance.

Additionally, we paid careful attention to the practical aspects of the packaging, skillfully crafting icons for the recipes featured. Through our innovative design solutions, we reimagined Blend & Bliss’s packaging, setting a new standard for the industry and delighting consumers with every interaction.