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A dynamic player in the real estate industry, approached TI to establish an effective brand identity and digital marketing. Our mission was clear: craft a brand that radiates elegance, trustworthiness and an unwavering commitment to elevate their position in the competitive real estate market. Through the collaboration, we ensured Skyland's journey towards new heights.

We conceptualized the name ‘Skyland,’ symbolizing a land(home or office) that resides at heights, reminiscent of the skylines of cities, which aligns perfectly with Skyland’s area of expertise. And also symbolizes the desire to elevate one’s living standards. The logo design was simple yet impactful, featuring the brand name in a clean and elegant font with lines depicting city skylines, reinforcing the concept of reaching new heights.

The color palette we chose incorporated shades of blue and white, conveying trust, stability, and transparency. The overall aesthetic was modern and sleek, designed to resonate with a sophisticated and discerning audience. To encapsulate Skyland’s mission and commitment to customer satisfaction, we crafted the tagline “Connecting to Happiness.” This tagline serves as a powerful representation of Skyland’s dedication to delivering satisfying real estate deals and fostering happiness among their clients.

We also took charge of building a robust digital presence for the brand. Thirteen’s creative concepts, paired with stunning manipulative visuals, showcased Skyland’s unique services and conveying strong communication about their services.
Skyland has expressed their satisfaction with our services, underscoring the success of our collaboration. As we continue to support Skyland’s growth in the real estate market, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in defining their brand position and fosters happiness among their clients.

Defining Skyland's unique identity, from its name and logo to a compelling brand concept

Stunning visuals that consistently reflect Skyland's services