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In a strategic collaboration with True Story, we undertook the mission of translating their core values into visual narratives, bringing their commitment to organic goodness to life. TI’s multifaceted role encompassed both the artistry of product photography, product video shoot and the precision of digital marketing to craft an authentic brand narrative.

As the advertising agency entrusted with the stewardship of this esteemed organic brand, our primary directive has always been unwavering transparency. We understand that this transparency is the bedrock upon which the trust of our discerning consumers is built. Our client, a pioneer in the realm of organic grocery products, is deeply committed to providing nothing less than pure organic excellence throughout their product line.

Our foremost objective was to illuminate our client’s unwavering dedication and the myriad benefits of embracing an organic lifestyle. Through evocative rural aesthetics and content brimming with informative depth, we set out to forge a profound connection between True Story and its audience, one rooted in trust and loyalty.

As the architects behind this transformative journey, we’ve played an integral role in showcasing our client’s relentless commitment to delivering the highest quality organic products. Through our lens and digital strategy, we’ve successfully cultivated a burgeoning community of health-conscious individuals who not only appreciate the significance of their food choices but also the authenticity behind the brand.

Thirteam’s visionary eye guiding digital outreach has been pivotal in propelling True Story’s mission forward. Through our expertly captured product imagery and targeted digital marketing efforts, we’ve positioned the brand as a beacon of trustworthiness and purity in the organic market. Our collaboration with True Story continues to be a testament to the power of transparency, authentic storytelling, and the seamless synergy between product photography and digital marketing in cultivating brand loyalty.

Evocative rural aesthetics through our lenses

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Elevating true story through strategic digital marketing