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Crafted NFTs: From Imagination to Reality

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With a fascinating vision, the Pawsitive Team wanted to create a world of adorable and powerful 7,777 cats, each with unique qualities. We thrive on creative challenges and took best advantage of this collaboration to bring the charming PAWsitive cats to life.

Thus, the idea of PAWsitive cats was born, classified into three extraordinary categories: the Royal Zenithals, the Elite Intermediates and the Quirky Conventionals.

Thirteam embarked on an imaginative journey starting with character design, where our creative team drew inspiration from the client’s vision to breathe life into the PAWsitive cats. Each feline was meticulously crafted to capture their unique essence. Our journey continued with 2D illustrations, resulting in a vast family of 7777 distinct and enchanting characters. To make a grand introduction to this diverse world of PAWsitive cats, we crafted a mesmerizing motion graphic sequence. In addition to our creative endeavors, we also meticulously crafted a stunning collection of detailed and lifelike 3D characters, further enriching the PAWsitive cat universe.

Our beautifully designed website awaited visitors, offering a platform to explore and marvel at the incredible diversity within the clan. To add an extra layer of fun to the adventure, we also created animated character stickers that come alive with every tap, bringing joy to the NFT community.

The Theory of PAWsitive Cats:

We delved deep into the world of PAWsitive NFTs to uncover the essence of the PAWsitive Cats. They were divided into three categories, each with its own unique traits and characteristics:

Royal Zenithals: This majestic category comprised all-powerful superbeings and wise leaders, making up 1% of the total population. They commanded awe and respect in equal measure.

Elite Intermediates: The brainpower of the clan, the Elite Intermediates, made up 19% of the total population. With unmatched class and intelligence, they brought sophistication to the PAWsitive NFTs ranks.

Quirky Conventionals: The heart and soul of the clan, the Quirky Conventionals formed the majority, making up 80% of the total population. Hardworking and colorful, they added a delightful charm to the PAWsitive Cats.

Unveiling the diverse world of PAWsitive cats with an epic introduction

Elevating the experience with detailed and lifelike representations of 3D characters

Skillfully crafted 7777 distinct characters with 3 categories

Commanding and powerful superbeings cats, the Royal Zenithals

With unmatched class and intelligence, the Elite Intermediates

The heart and soul of the clan, the Quirky Conventionals

Unlocking the World of Voxel

Infusing animated fun into the NFT adventure

Meet the creative minds behind the project

An Innovative Web Design