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Univia is on a mission to revolutionize the agricultural sector by providing agronomy solutions to the backbone of our nation. Thirteen Ideation has been a key partner on this transformative journey, contributing expertise in lead generation campaigns, online marketing strategies & design. Our collaboration has expanded Univia's reach and impact, connecting with a wide network of dealers and farmers.

About Univia

Despite India’s successful exports of various agricultural commodities, the nation’s agriculture sector grapples with a range of persistent challenges that hinder its growth trajectory. These obstacles encompass low farm productivity, price volatility in the food market, and climate change-related issues such as extreme weather patterns and water scarcity. Consequently, the agriculture sector’s contribution to India’s economy remains at a modest less than 15%.

In response to these challenges, Ravi Varmor, the visionary founder of Univia, embarked on a mission to address a pressing issue within the agriculture sector. He established a pioneering agri-tech enterprise that offers a comprehensive suite of agronomy solutions, spanning from high-quality seeds and effective pesticides to water-soluble fertilizers and cutting-edge hardware. Univia’s innovative approach combines physical and digital networks, seamlessly blending the convenience of brick-and-mortar stores with the digital realm. This synergy not only streamlines the distribution system but also empowers dealers to set product prices independently, thereby boosting their revenue and fostering stability in India’s agriculture business.


Thirteam, in collaboration with Univia, embarked on a rigorous journey to elevate Univia’s presence in this unique market. Our primary goal was to forge robust connections between Univia and agri-input retailers across the state while effectively conveying their mission in the rural heartlands of Gujarat. This required a deep understanding of farming practices, as well as the mindset of both farmers and agro store owners. Through meticulous analysis and the creation of specific, clear, engaging, and straightforward content coupled with refined communication design, we accomplished this goal in distinct phases.

By deploying targeted marketing campaigns, a well-crafted digital strategy, and strategic WhatsApp messaging, Univia successfully expanded its network from a mere 200 dealers to an impressive 850+ across the state, reaching out to over 50,000+ farmers. Thirteen devised a structured sales funnel that delivered a 25% to 30% conversion rate in confirmed leads of dealers for Univia. Our digital marketing efforts effectively educated dealers about the comprehensive range of services Univia provides and the substantial benefits they offer. We also highlighted how Univia’s mobile application could revolutionize agricultural operations.

In addition to these efforts, we implemented a specialized LinkedIn strategy tailored to the platform’s professional nature. We created and managed LinkedIn pages for both Univia and Mr. Ravi Varmora, optimizing content and outreach to resonate with the platform’s business and corporate audience, achieving remarkable reach and engagement.

Our collaboration extended to the development of a compelling pitch deck that captivated potential investors and the creation of illustrative materials for two key applications aimed at farmers and retailers. Additionally, we designed Univia’s website, with a focus on presenting the company to prospective investors who share the visionary mission of Mr. Ravi Varmora and Univia, and to showcase Univia effectively to our audience.

Univia’s vision extends beyond conventional boundaries as it plans to provide 360-degree agronomy solutions to the ‘Annadatas,’ and TI is actively contributing to this transformative mission.


Tailored brochure design for agri-Input retailers

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A Compelling marketing strategy to elevate univia's presence

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Amplifying presence and engagement on linkedIn


Elevated the aesthetics and user-friendliness of univia's mobile apps

Elevating products through pleasant photography and editing

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Product promotion materials

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A stall design that captivates the crowd

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